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People’s perception of the outside word is not olimited to their own feelings, but can also transmt relevant information about the outside world to us through pressure sensors.

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Digital pressure sensor
Digital Pressure Sensor for Hydraulic/ Steam/ Air

High quality pressure sensor ensure the using safer and operation easier.

Diaphragm pressure sensor
Diaphragm Pressure Sensor for Water/ Viscous Liquid

Pressure sensor make of stainless steel can be used in harsh environment for a long time.

How to buy a ato pressure sensor?

Still find a pressure sensor for your project? We are the supplier with 20 years’ experience to offer the product with factory price and high accurancy to selection. Please contact us and buy your right pressure sensor.


Pressure sensor is the most commonly used sensorin industrial practice. It is widely used in various industrial automation environments, involving healthcare, brewing and daily enterprise application, natural gas pipeline application, railway transportation, constant pressure water supply system and many other industries.