Differential Pressure Transducer, Output 4-20mA HART

Differential pressure transducer
Differential Pressure Transducer

Differential pressure transducer has high accuracy 0.075%FS, optional measuring range 0~3MPa/ 0~30bar/ 0~435psi, medium temperature -40~60℃ (-40~140℉), special for air/water/oil pressure measurement. Pressure transducer has output signal of standard current 4-20mA or 4-20mA HART.

Technical parameters

Measuring range: 0~3MPa (0~30bar/0~435 psi)
Range ratio: 10:1 (minimum), 100:1 (maximum)
Pressure type: Gauge pressure (standard), absolute pressure, sealed pressure
Measure medium: Air, water, oil
Power supply: DC 24V
Output signal: 4-20mA, 4-20mA HART
Accuracy: ±0.075%FS
Zero temperature drift: ±0.03%FS/℃
Sensitivity temperature drift: ±0.004%FS/℃
Long term stability: ≤0.1%FS/3 years
Overload pressure: 200%FS
Frequency response (-3dB): 5kHz~650kHz
Operating temperature: -40~+80℃ (-40~+176℉)
Medium temperature: -40~+60℃ (-40~+140℉)
Material Housing: 316L stainless steel
Protection class: IP67
Additional options: LCD display with backlight

Application: Pressure transducer is widely used in process control, chemical, petroleum and metallurgical industry and other fields.