How to Use a Pressure sensor

When choosing a pressure sensor, we need to pay attention to many problems, such as the range and accuracy of the pressure sensor, the temperature characteristics of the pressure sensor, and the chemical characteristics of the pressure sensor are to be considered, and the operation mode of the pressure sensor is also an important issue to consider.

For example, sensors used to measure gas pressure are different from those used to measure liquid pressure. Gas is a compressible fluid, and when it increases, it will store a certain amount of compression energy, which is released by kinetic energy when decompression, and exerts shock waves on the elastic film of the sensor. The pressure sensor is required to have a large overload capacity.

Diaphragm pressure sensor

Liquid is in compressible fluid, when the pressure sensor is installed, tightening the screw without compressible space can make the liquid pressure rise beyond the pressure limit of the elastic film, resulting in the rupture of the elastic film. Because this kind of situation happens frequently, also requires the pressure sensor to have the larger over pressure ability. When the working environment of pressure sensor is bad, such as big vibration, impact and electromagnetic interference, it puts forward more strict requirements for the sensor.

Not only the over pressure capacity is strong, but also the mechanical seal is reliable, anti-loosening, sensor installation is correct. The sensor’s own leads, pins and external wires shall be electromagnetic shielded and well grounded. In addition, the compatibility between the pressure sensor and the flow medium should be considered.

For example, the elastic membrane structure of the sensor should be separated from the corrosive medium. At this time, a stainless steel corrugated sleeve sensor is adopted, and silicon oil is used as the pressure transmission medium in the sensor. When the sensor detects the pressure of flammable and explosive media, it uses a small excitation current to prevent sparks and sparks when the elastic film breaks, and increase the pressure resistance of the pressure sensor coat.

Only by understanding the operation mode of the pressure sensor can we better choose the pressure sensor, especially now the pressure sensor is developing rapidly, so it is very necessary to understand the operation mode of the pressure sensor.

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