How to Improve the Performance of Pressure Sensor

Pressure sensors are devices used to measure the pressure of liquids and gases. These devices are also known as pressure transducers or pressure transmitters, and which are used for controlling and monitoring pressure in a number of day-to-day applications such as touch screen devices, biomedical instruments, and automobiles. They sense pressure in a liquid or gas, and convert it into an electrical signal. Pressure sensors are a must in most industries where pressure needs to be monitored and maintained on a regular basis. This article offers tips to improve the performance of pressure sensors in your application.

The performance of a pressure sensing device entirely depends on their utilization in different environments, especially in harsh environment. So, there are various factors you should consider when selecting a pressure sensor. Here is a list of tips which will help you choose the right type:

  • Pressure Type

The pressure type you need depends upon your application. Usually there are two broadly classified pressure types-vented and sealed. In case of vented sensors, the pressure is measured by taking atmospheric pressure as a referential value. In sealed sensors, the pressure is measured relative to the sealed reference point.

  • Measuring Range

This is the defined upper and lower limit of pressure the sensor operates in. This is especially crucial for differential and gauge pressure measurement because if the reference value of the pressure is beyond their range, they will not operate.

  • Operating Temperature

For an optimal performance of the pressure sensor, the temperature range needs to be defined, else the output will not be consistent. This is especially common for electronic sensors, which cannot function well in extreme hot or cold weather conditions.

  • Chemical Resistance

Certain chemicals in liquid forms whose pressure is being measured may react with the sensor. This would directly affect the performance of the pressure sensor. Hence, it is crucial for the pressure sensor to be chemical resistant, at least for certain applications.

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