The Features of Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensor is a device that converts non-electricity into electrical signals, and the detection instrument generally includes sensors, detection point sampling equipment and amplifiers (for anti-interference processing and signal transmission) under the condition of analog electronic technology, and of course the power supply. And the on-site display part (optional), the electrical signal is generally two kinds of continuous quantity and discrete quantity, in fact, it can be divided into analog quantity, switch quantity, pulse quantity, etc.

In the process of digitization, the detection instruments have changed greatly. After several stages, ASIC application-specific integrated circuits have been used recently, and pressure sensors, microprocessors and network interfaces are packaged in one device to complete information acquisition, processing, transmission, storage, etc. In automated instruments, the detection instrument is often referred to as a transmitter, such as a temperature transmitter, a pressure transmitter, and the like.

The features of pressure sensor

  1. The range and function of the sensor have been further expanded, which can realize the measurement of basic parameters and special parameters to meet the needs of different occasions.
  2. The sensitivity and measurement accuracy of the sensor have also been improved at the same time. For weak signal measurement, the correction and compensation of various signals can be realized, and the measurement data can be stored as required.
  3. The stability and possibility of data measurement are improved, and the interference of the external environment on the output of the pressure sensor is reduced, and the measurement can be carried out selectively.
  4. It can realize the function of self-diagnosis, lock the faulty parts in time and accurately, quickly identify the fault status, and solve some problems that cannot be realized by hardware.
  5. The signal output form and interface selection are more diverse, and the communication distance is greatly improved.

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